Musings on the Why

This page is breaking out of “webpage” mode and into considering what we do as Modern Social Dance. We’re doing English Country Dance but not as if it’s confined to history. Our group respects and appreciates the foundations, the history, and the scholars of English Country Dance but we are primarily devoted to enjoying it as a current and developing form.

Here’s a fascinating video exploring the reasons why: Dance, Dance Evolution

I’ve titled the page, “Musings on the Why?,” because of the ambiguity and the ambivalence I feel about answering the questions of what are we doing and why are we doing it? I’m also interested in the answers others may offer. My first offering is an exuberant rhapsody about the music of English Country Dance, as posted on our facebook page.

“Music, Music, Music! I think we’ve got a hidden store of great treasure. How many people do you know who love good music, enjoy the wondrous variety of mood, artistry, exquisite skill in composition, playing of the instruments, expression of our deepest and liveliest emotions, and more that we get to enjoy listening to and, better yet, dancing to! My guess is that for most of us few among our family, friends, neighbours, etc. know the joys of dancing in this way. Many probably love music but haven’t had the opportunity to experience that soaring joy you have when you dance. I can’t describe it adequately and it can’t really be shown, it has to be experienced. Much of today’s dancing is delightful but I don’t know too many other forms of dancing that offer such a superb variety of music and all this: invigoration, relaxation, lively exercise, dreamy connection to the music, playfulness, connected interaction, cooperation, mutual support, engagement with others, comfortable atmosphere for learning, etc. I could go on but I’ll save some of my rhapsodizing for another post. Feel free to chime in “

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