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English Country Dance in Sydney, Australia. Offered to the community by The Church By The Bridge, Broughton Street, Kirribilli, NSW, just below the Milson’s Point Train Station.

Our Winter Dream Ball, Saturday, August 5, 7:00-10:30 at St. Thomas’s, Anglican Church,
on McLaren St. between Pacific Highway and Miller Street, North Sydney. Live Music, light refreshments, a sprung dance floor and free parking. See Dance list below.

Tickets $35 Tickets for Winter Dream Ball

Winter Dream Ball Practise Schedule: at The Church By The Bridge, Kirribilli. To help you feel ready to soar through the delights of our dance program with confidence and joy!

Just two more practices:

July 29, Saturday, 3:00-5:30 August 3, Thursday, 7:00-9:00

Dance List for the Winter Dream Ball: 

Alice, Barbarini’s Tambourine, Carolina Promenade, Comical Fellow, Dublin Bay, Dunsmuir Waltz, Fenterlarick, Ferry Dance, Good Man of Cambridge, Heidenröslein, Joy After Sorrow, Juniata, Karla’s Waltz, Margaret’s Waltz, My Lord Byron’s Maggot, Newcastle, The Princess of Wales, Her Waltz, Queen of Sheba, Sapphire Sea, Upon A Summer’s Day, Waterfall Waltz, Winter Dreams

Videos of dances we plan to do at the Winter Dream Ball:


The Comical Fellow


Good Man of Cambridge


Joy After Sorrow

Margaret’s Waltz


Sapphire Sea

Upon A Summer’s Day

Dances held twice monthly, usually the first Saturday Afternoon and the third Thursday evening. Location- Church Hall.  Enter the courtyard by lifting the gate latch, door is on the right. 

Our team was thrilled to perform at the 2017 Australian National Folk Festival in Canberra over Easter Weekend and especially to have had times for audience participation with friends and former strangers from various parts of Australia dancing joyfully with us and encouraging us with their kind comments. Our performance at Australia’s National Folk Festival 2017  
Link to clip of Youtube Video by Nesa Simon David, Photo by Alison Payne


Schedule for 2017   Please add these dates and  times to your diary/schedule.
Where the availability of the church is uncertain or unavailable, please add the dates anyway. If the church turns out to be unavailable, I’ll do my best to find another location so we don’t have to miss a dance. 🙂
Regular First Saturday Afternoon Dances- 3:00-5:30
February 4
March 4
April 1,
May 6
June 3
July 1
August 5 -Changed to evening Winter Dream Ball at St. Thomas’ North Sydney
September 2
October 7- Change Pending
November 4
First and Third Thursday Evening Dances 7:00-9:00
February 16
March 16
April 20
May 18
June 15
July 6
July 20
August 3
August 17 Church availability uncertain, awaiting confirmation
September 7
September 21 Church availability uncertain, awaiting confirmation
October 19
November 16
 OurCaller Workshop on June 8, with Bruce Hamilton, highly regarded international teacher of teacher/callers was wonderful. Warm thanks to all who supported it and participated.

Our Inaugural September Dream Ball was delightful! What a joy it was to dance with so many of our dancing friends from various parts of New South Wales and other parts of the world!  We had wonderful support from many sources and regions. Three callers, a six piece band, and many dancers some of whom traveled hours each way to join us. Photos are available on Dropbox, send Margaret an email for the link.

Special Events, Private/Small Group Instruction – Available on Request

No need to bring a partner, we provide partners, and we mingle, just bring comfy shoes that pivot easily. We teach and call the dances. Our hall is air-conditioned and heated.

Some of our dances are lively and exuberant, others are dreamy and elegant. The dances are conducted  in a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. You are welcome to participate or to just sit and enjoy the music. We don’t have a set fee, we just ask that you drop a donation of whatever you can afford into the jar.

Note: Dates and Locations, on rare occasions, may be subject to change, so please check the website frequently.  If you click “follow”, the site can notify you when updates are posted. 

Questions or communications? MargaretSwait “at” gmail. Just enter the @ symbol for “at” and “.com” after gmail.

Getting here: The Church By The Bridge is at the corner of Broughton and Bligh Streets in Kirribilli, 100 metres from the Milsons Point Train Station. As you exit the ticket gate, turn left, as you exit the station turn right, walk down towards the harbour. The church will be on your left, across from the Pedestrian Stairs to the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The hall is on the right as you enter the courtyard.  If you are driving, plan to arrive early so you have more options for parking spaces. Busses 229 and 230 run to Milson’s Point from Military road in Mosman. Other busses run to and from North Sydney, which is nearby. The 229 and 230 busses stop in North Sydney, near the train station. 

Why Do We Dance? Here’s an article that discusses this question:

Videos of a few dances: The videos never quite convey all the joy of actually dancing. It’s a lot more fun to move to music than to watch others moving to music.

See Hundreds of Dances animated, hear the music, and see the call sheet/instructions:

We’ve posted some videos on our facebook page that can only be accessed there:

Do attend the Sydney Playford’s Dance on the first Tuesday of most months,, at the Bush Music Hut #44 in the Marrickville Community Centre, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, in Sydney, NSW, from 7:30-9:30. This dance is run by the charming and talented Julie and Alex Bishop and features live music. On site parking for cars. Public transportation: 428 bus from Circular Quay, or Castlereagh St & Railway Square, stops at the Addison Road Centre gate. Return buses to city run at: 8.39, 9.15, 9.37, 10.08, 10.37, 11.07, 11.32 (last bus).  Map of the centre, etc.;

What to Wear and What To Bring to our dances? Although some groups wear special clothing for dances, we usually just wear whatever’s comfortable. A swirly dance skirt can make it more fun. Some of us bring an extra pair of shoes. Wearing something cool makes sense for most people but some find they want a cardigan as the hall is air-conditioned. Water is provided.

So, you think you can’t dance? We’d love to change that! I used to feel that way too. Every time I tried any form of dancing, I felt overwhelmed and intimidated, and turned into a piece of wood! This form of dancing changed that because it doesn’t require fancy steps but lets you to get used to moving to music at your own pace. If you like fancy steps, you can add them when you’re ready. Our dancers are among the most pleasant and welcoming people I’ve met. They’re wonderful at welcoming new dancers and encouraging everyone to have a good time. Could this be considered exercise? Well, it’s not like going to the gym but it involves sustained movement. I have never enjoyed going to the gym as much as this feeling of flying to delightful music. There’s a variety of pace and “feel” to the music. You get to pace yourself and decide how much you can and will participate. Speaking of pacing yourself, do take care not to do more than is good for you. We aren’t doctors or physios so we have to rely on your judgement about what figures and dances are safe for you to do. We respect your decisions and will gladly accommodate them. We want you to have fun and to be safe. Let us know if there’s anything you find uncomfortable and we’ll do our best to help. Sometimes a move can be adjusted without changing much at all.

We dance The Carolina Promenade to this song-

Check the updates to our Resources, News and Events Page and visit us at:

Rachel's dancing feet

We’ve enjoyed learning some new dances and some new formations. Let me know if you want a copy of the list that is organized by formation.  I’m taking suggestions for additions to our page of ECD resources.

An article on Country Dance in the New York Times shows how contemporary dancers are continuing to delight in this form of dance: :