Modern English Country Dance is highly social and offers an amazing variety of music and styles. The dynamic between the dancers is very different from other forms of modern dance because one of the goals is to have fun with everyone in the room.SydneyECD_201301011

English Country Dance Sydney is now held at  the church hall on Blues Point Road in North Sydney for the benefit of the community and is, informally, part of the international dance community continuing and enjoying traditional dance in modern ways. We do dances that were written recently and some from long ago. The pace and style varies a lot. The people vary a lot too, the main thing they have in common is a love of moving to music. Another common characteristic is a pleasant attitude.

What do you need to participate? First, you don’t need to bring a partner or to know complicated footwork. You can wear comfortable casual clothes.

If you have physical limitations, you will need to decide which dances or aspects to participate in and which may need to be modified or perhaps left out.

Is it hard to learn? There is a bit of a learning curve but we all help one another to get to know the dances. The best way to learn is by doing it. The dances are taught and called. One of the best things to do as you learn is to listen to the music. Recordings by The Assembly Players, Bare Necessities, English Echoes, The Pemberly Players, and others are available through  The Country Dance & Song Society.

Is there a fee? We put out a jar for donations and ask that dancers give $10 or what they can afford to help with the expenses.

How do I get there? The church is a short walk from the North Sydney Train Station. Exiting the station at the street level, turn left and head up towards the Blues Point Road. The church hall is on the left on that same block. It’s an older, red brick building with steps leading up to the doors.

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